Two is the second whole number that counts from the number zero and the number after one. Two is usually the substitute of one. Akin to a deputy that can make the call when the chief is absence. I would have celebrated my achievement if I am able to come in number two. But there […]

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Orange is one of the seven approximated colours found under spectral colours. Orange is a prominent colour associated to autumn season in places that can experience change in seasons. Orange that is closer to the amber shade is assigned to the meaning of slowing down to a stop in traffic light usage. This same amber […]

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Memory is a function of our brain that stores data and information and having the ability to retrieve them when they are needed. These data and information are not only the experience that we have had but also the knowledge that we acquire through reading or hearing from other people. Memory is an important function […]

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One is the first whole number that appears after the number zero. One bears a superiority meaning across all cultures and context. People celebrates if they “come in number one” in a competition. It means they top the race that they had put themselves into. “One and only” denotes that it is not only unique […]

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