Memory is a function of our brain that stores data and information and having the ability to retrieve them when they are needed. These data and information are not only the experience that we have had but also the knowledge that we acquire through reading or hearing from other people. Memory is an important function […]

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One is the first whole number that appears after the number zero. One bears a superiority meaning across all cultures and context. People celebrates if they “come in number one” in a competition. It means they top the race that they had put themselves into. “One and only” denotes that it is not only unique […]

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Red is one of the seven approximated colours found under spectral colours. Red is a prominent colour across all cultures. Somehow or other, we assign the colour red to meanings like danger, boundaries and warning. We can see the colour red often used in such signs and notices. Is it because red is one of […]

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What are the similarities and differences between a rainbow and a beam of white light? The similarity is the both contain 7 colours. The difference is they are viewed through a different lens. A bean of white light, well, view as it is a merging of all colours while, rainbow is viewed through a refracted […]

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