Divination is other methods to read one’s fortune without the need of birth details. Such methods primarily involving actions of randomness to formulate a reading which is the opposite of using your birth details, which were fixed and not random.

This is suitable for clients who do not know their birth details or not comfortable in sharing birth details.

Divination provides a forecast of what is likely to happen and influencing factors. Divinatory forecast is usually short term and covers up to 12 to 15 months. But, at time, this 12 to 15 months may bear long term effects in your life.

The Divinations offered here are available in both video call/in-person consultations and remote readings.

The Curator is trained in Tarot, King Wen Divination, Playing Cards Readings among other divination techniques. The Curator is more experienced in using Tarot and hence Tarot is the Curator’s default go-to in a video call/in-person consultations session.


Video Call and In-Person Consultations are suitable for people who have more than a few questions and/or anticipating to have follow-up questions and prefer to have them answered in the same session.

One session of up to one hour is S$180 and additional S$100 for every 30 minute block of part thereof after the first hour.

Clients are encouraged to use pen and paper or phone to note down important points that will be said during the consultation. Voice recording is allowed during the consultation.

House call can be arranged for engagement and an additional $30 on top of the base consultation fee is applicable if the location is more than 20 minute drive from the Curator’s residence. Please note that the additional fee is subject to change should the Curator changes his mode of transport.


Remote readings need not have you to meet the Curator in-person or via video call.

You will discuss your question(s) with the Curator via phone call or WhatsApp. Usually the Curator will also ask you for a number that will be involved in drawing the cards. Within 48 hours after payment is received, the reading will be done and have a picture of the spread and voice memo sent to you via WhatsApp Urgent charges apply if you request for a faster response.

King Wen Divination
S$46 for 1 question

King Wen Divination is performed by having the querent to toss 3 coins for 6 times to form a Gua, also Hexagram. King Wen Divination, studies the interaction the individual lines in a Gua with respect to the year, month, day and sometimes the time when a question is asked.

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Tarot Card Consultation
Prices varies

Tarot is capable of providing a straightforward outlook and also a deeper, and even perhaps psychological outlook with the characters involve in the situation.

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Playing Cards Consultation
Prices varies

There were divination involving Playing Cards developed throughout since its place of origin.

What I have to offer is a style that is influenced by I-Ching concepts.

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