This segment includes other forms of divination other than using cards. All readings here are provided remotely unless other arrangement is made. The reading will be recorded and send to you as a voice memo via WhatsApp.

Guanyin Oracle
S$11 for 1 question

This oracle calls forth the compassionate Guanyin to show advice to the seeker.

A poem-like oracle that will be deciphered as the message from Guanyin.

Please note that the Curator only performs this oracle after his personal morning liturgy. Urgent charges apply if you require a much faster response.

King Wen Divination
S$46 for 1 question

Liu Yao Divination, unlike the usual I-Ching, studies the interaction of the earthly branches that are assigned to the individual lines in a Gua with respect to the earthly branches found in the year, month, day and sometimes the time when a question is asked.

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