Forgiveness is a common trait taught in many philosophies, spirituality modalities and religions.

One definition for forgiveness is a conscious and deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.

To forgive another is a self-empowering tool. It is a decision to put down the burdens that are formed psychologically and emotionally that can hinder your day-to-day dealings in your physical world.

One might ask is forgiveness a power self-empowering tool then? The Curator thinks that it is unlikely to be able to quantify how powerful is forgiveness. This is because it is unlikely for us to quantify our hurt, grievance and resentment that caught on us from the unpleasant experiences that we had.

Since forgiveness is a decision to release these psychological and emotional burdens, the Curator thinks that forgiveness is as powerful as how much the hurt, grievance and resentment had hindered or obstructed us. The more these hurt, grievance and resentment had sucked us deep, the more liberated one ought to achieve when forgiveness is given.

There are some spiritual and religious ideas that the person who is hurt, instead of forgiving his or her perpetrators, the victim ought to thank them for clearing a karmic debt. If you carry on listening or read the proponents of such ideas further, it is likely that they are also the same proponent on the idea of free will. This is, from the Curator’s perspective, paradoxical.

This is because if everyone is acting on free will, then you should not have believed that the hurt done from one person to another is due to the abstract karmic debt belief. Because the latter would meant that the hurt, which is the getting even, has to happen.

Does the perpetrators need to know that you have forgiven them?

The Curator’s answer to this is not necessarily so. This is because by forgiving your perpetrators, it does not automatically transform them into better versions of them. In certain cases, it is even possible for these perpetrators to come to you and make your life miserable again.

Forgiveness is a personal journey and it does take psychological and emotional strength to act on it. You do not have to do so if you are not ready. While it is important to acknowledge our hurt, grievance and resentment because these negative emotion are part of us too, we need to find that balance to then remove ourselves from these bonds so that we can move forward.

Do you harbour strong and deep hurt, grievance and resentment now?


Three is the third whole number that counts from the number zero and the number after one.

Three is like coming in second of the second. In many competitions, third place or second runner-up is still celebrated as making remarkable achievements. Coming in third still gets a bronze medal, presumably a more valuable alloy.

“Three strikes and you’re out” sounds stern but seems like a reasonable consequence to be told upfront.

“Three musketeers” refers to three people who are very closely related either in friendship or business. This does reminds me of a saying in Confucian Analects that there is bound to a teacher when there are three people travelling together.

But sometimes it is possible to get caught in a “two is company, three’s a crowd” situation.

“Three-ring circus” means having many activities happening at the same time. Is this a right idiom to describe the year 2020 globally in general?

Being too intoxicated and unsteady makes you “three sheets in the wind”.

Three in Numerology stands for inspiration, creative talent and self-expression. The colours associated to three are rose, ruby, amber, russet and blood.

In Astro-Numerology concept, three is represented by Jupiter. Jupiter is often associated to the meaning of prosperity, good fortune, expansion and growth. Jupiter also governs higher education, wealth, big business, law and travel.

In the Chinese Yellow River Map 河圖, three represents the wood element sitting in the east. In the Chinese Nine Halls Diagram 九宮圖 taken from the Lo Shu Square 洛書, three sits in the east representing the wood element.

Three appears as the third position in the sequence of number.

“Third string” refers to the third best player.

“Third time’s the charm” helps you to persistent in your endeavour and so does “third time pays for all”.

In the Chinese system of ordinals, the third Heavenly Stem is known as Bing 丙. The illustration that is usually associated with Bing is the Sun and other form of bigger flame that brings illumination and warm. There are Chinese metaphysics practitioners who taught that the number three to have the attributes of Bing.

In the Chinese Flying Star concept, the third star that is associated to the number three in the Lo Shu Square is Lu Cun 祿存星, can be translated as Fortune Present Star. Its diverse attributes are usually associated with turmoil, vying between right and wrong, and confusion.

How many items with the number them on them are around you usually?


Yellow is one of the seven approximated colours found under spectral colours.

Yellow is a prominent colour associated to sunflower and deserts in the daytime.

“Yellow journalism” means that a material published by a newspaper or magazine is sensationalistic with questionable accuracy and taste.

“Yellow dog” refers to an item or person of low value.

“Yellow light” means with limited approval or permission to proceed.

The Curator”s impression with the colour yellow is life vest. Perhaps even the dullest tone of yellow stands out in open water hence increases the chance of you receiving help.

Another impression the Curator has with the colour yellow is your post-it notes. It is a stationery that cannot be missed. We scribble little whatnot on it and stick it onto something else to provide additional information.

Another impression the Curator has with colour yellow is the yellow card in football games! It is flashed as an official warning whenever there is a foul picked up by the referee! A second yellow card will have the player kicked out of the game and cripples the team with one less player!

Banana is the very iconic fruit in yellow colour. Although we can observe that the flesh of the banana is not as yellow as its skin.

Turmeric, a type of spice that can range from orange to bright yellow, is an important ingredient in making flavourful curry!

The colour yellow stands for the air element in the classical Greek concept (which is generally adopted in western spiritualism) but as the earth element in the classical Chinese metaphysics. And we should know that air and earth can be pretty much at odds with one another.

In the Chinese culture, paper talismans are commonly drawn on yellow colour paper.

The colour yellow corresponds to the our solar plexus chakra Manipura. This chakra reflects how we are managing our sense of identity, self-confidence and personal power.

Tiger’s eye and honey calcite are known to be used to work with the solar plexus chakra.

How many yellow colour items are around you usually?


Soul, from the physical perspectives, is a intangible subject that cannot be quantify.

From the religious, spiritual, metaphysical and even philosophical perspectives, the soul is recognised as an essence in a living being. Without the soul, this living being would have lose his or her purpose.

The soul is also believed to include mental abilities like characteristic, perception, reasoning, thinking, memory, feeling and consciousness, just to name a few.

Some religions believe that only the human beings have immortal souls. This leads to the issue which that only humans are going to be judge by the Maker after their deaths.

Some religions taught that even animals and even bacteria have souls. The varied in physical forms is due to the manifestation of the different types of karma.

In Animism, it is believed that soul can even be found in rivers and rocks, in non-biological entities.

The belief in the existence of a soul generally leads to the question of where do you, the soul, come from; and where are you headed after this life’s physical death.

Except for a few religions, most other religions and other forms of spirituality believe that your soul has been reincarnated for many times. It is also possible to be reincarnated into a non-physical form.

With that same few religions, rest of the other religions and forms of spirituality believe that your soul will reincarnate into different existence after your physical death.

If skepticism can be applied here for a little while, it can be arduous or even lead to fruitless conclusion to debate which version of the origin and destination of soul is true.

So instead, the Curator suggests to focus what is your soul mean to you now, in this very life. We can accept that in general, regardless of religions and forms of spirituality, the teaching of the soul usually associates conscience to one’s conduct. We can safely say that, acknowledging the existence of our souls is one way to keep our current existence to be as proper a person as possible.

Soul can get hurt or damaged as well even though it is not a physical body.

A damaged or exhausted soul can affect the workings of the energy system in the physical body which eventually leads to a body with poor health or vitality.

Likewise, if we lead very unhealthy lifestyle, the deterioration of our physical body that can affect the energy system therein and leads to damaging or wearing out the soul.

Different souls brought with them different vibration and karmic seeds that can influence the experience with their physical bodies. In layman term, this can called as fortune or misfortune.

So how are you feeling lately? Are you full of energy or are you getting tired easily?

Is this due to your lifestyle or is it possible to have it coming from somewhere in you?