Ritual is a deliberate set of symbolic conducts that is believed to connect to the spiritual or energetic dimension that works with appropriate correspondence. In essence, ritual works should be aimed to improve your life situation by increasing your odds and nudging coincidence for you.

S$58 onwards

The Talisman that the Curator has to offer is a hybrid of Taoist and Buddhist elements that covers a few type.

To the untrained eye, a Talisman is a piece of paper with ink inscribed on it. But a properly charged Talisman contains the energies of the required Deities and intent that you wish for.

Cost varies due to type of Talisman number of rites required/requested.

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Spiritual Petition
S$188 onwards

Spiritual Petition is like an ‘upgraded’ version of the previous Lamp Offering. On top of offering lamp, incense, appropriate mantra and assorted paper offerings to the relevant Buddhist Deities, the details of the client including the goals will be put down in writing in a specific manner and having this Petition to be offered ritually, appealing to the Buddhist Deities in a formal manner.

Cost varies due to type of petition and number of rites required/requested.

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Earth Deity Prayer
S$388 onwards

Making offerings to the Earth Deities is common in Asia.

This is suitable for seeking protection and safety for home and work place;. This can be performed already staying in or pre and post renovation of the space.

Cost varies due to type of space as offerings and effort required may vary.

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