Ritual can be a deliberate set of symbolic conducts that is believed to connect to the spiritual world or energy work that works with appropriate correspondence. Either way is aim to improve your life situation by increasing your odds and nudging coincidence for you.

Lamp Offering
S$18 for 1 lamp
S$48 for 3 lamps

S$78 for 5 lamps
S$118 for 8 lamps

Lamp offering has always been a common practice across cultures and belief system.

The offering of lamp can mean bringing wisdom and hope to one’s life.

Monthly package can be discussed.

Manifestation Grid
S$77 onwards

An energy grid that is set up for seven days to have you expressing your challenges and allow Reiki to flow into your situation and brings about the best solution to you.

Package rates available.

General Magick
S$99 onwards

From needing to feel confident to getting that deal signed, everyone meets varied challenges in their lives.

You can discuss the goals you have in mind with the Curator to match the Divinity that can best aid you in your pursuit.

Some goals need only 1 ritual while some may need a few.

Noblemen Boosters
S$38 for 1 rite
S$108 for 3 rites
S$168 for 5 rites

Noblemen are people that aid you in life.

This is suitable if you are running in streaks of bad luck and genuine looking for a breakthrough.

Suitable date(s) will be picked to have these rites performed accordingly.

Releasing Petty People
S$238 onwards

Petty people are the people that obstruct your life.

This is suitable if you have observe a particular person that has frequently cause disruption, hindrance or finding fault with you.

Suitable date will be picked to carry out this rite.

Urgent Star Worship
S$388 onwards

Star Worship endures a long tradition to help overcome adverse situations.

The actual ritual may not take up a lot of time but subjecting to the urgency of matter, the Curator threads this carefully.

Earth Deity Prayers
S$288 onwards

Making offerings to the Earth Deities is common in Asia.

This is suitable for seeking protection and safety for home and work place; already staying in or pre and post renovation.

Suitable date(s) will be picked to have these rites performed accordingly.

Space Blessing
S$488 onwards

This is suitable to be conducted in home and work place.

This is ritually inviting the presence of the Sacred Ones to bring good fortune to the space and remove misfortune from it.

Suitable date will be picked to carry out this rite.

Wealth Attraction
Contact for quotation

What is the type of wealth that you desire?

Wealth comes in many forms and manners.

This an arduous ritual for the Curator as the foundation ritual is to be done daily for 49 days consecutively.

Other supporting rituals may be added depending on the goal and your situation.

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