Auspicious Date Selection

Auspicious Date Selection is commonly used on important or milestone events like:

  • Solemnization
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Moving to a new house/office
  • Opening of new business/project

Auspicious Date Selection is done using the Chinese Almanac in consideration to the Ba Zi Natal Charts of the different stakeholders involved.

Auspicious Date Selection for SGD198 includes giving you 3 dates (and time if applicable) that are within the range of period preferred by you. Additional SGD60 per date required beyond the first 3 given dates.

What are needed to be sent to us before the selection includes:

  • Birth details including birth year, month, day, time and region/country belonging to stakeholders.
  • Any pre-existing issues that I should be informed of.

The turnaround time is between 2 to 3 working days.

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