Which Service Is For You?

There were times when the Curator was asked with ‘What do you provide?’

But this is not the appropriate enquiry. So the Curator usually respond with ‘What are you looking for?’

So this is a page for people who is unsure what service meets to what they are looking for.

But before we go on having the Curator to explain which type of services is suitable for you. It is also good to know what are the off-topic that the Curator will not engage.

The following are some questions that the Curator really doesn’t entertain:

  • How or when will I die?
  • How should I study for exams?
  • How do I open up my third eye or how do I exorcise this or that spirits?
  • What are the winning lottery numbers?

The following are the attitude and outlook that a querent has that the Curator would rather avoid:

  • You were consulted by big brand astrologer/diviner/geomancer so you are expecting the Curator to be echo chamber of what were told to you.
  • You are so spiritually advanced and have many protections from Gods/Buddhas/<whatever beings> (?).
  • God/Buddha/<whatever beings> talks to you daily/regularly, yet you need the Curator to answer questions (???).

If you are not the above, very good. But there is still one more thing I need to share with you to get it out of the way.

The Curator is a normal human being. The Curator’s reading techniques are technique-based, that being said, although there were times the Curator had glimpses of intuition in the midst of reading, the Curator is not a psychic or empath or intuitive.

The Curator wishes not to be misunderstood because in the market, it can be commonly taken for granted that a reader is a psychic or empath or intuitive. So the question is – if you are okay to be read by a grounded, learned and experienced normal human being reader.

And although, the Curator is inclined to the outlook that the future can be shaped to what you yearn, we have to consider the objective reality that you are situated in. For example, you wish for a promotion but you meet company policy’s red tapes (ie. your performance appraisal / cycle is over by the time you come for the consultation), so that is the objective reality that makes it near-impossible to push you for a promotion.

Have no problem with the above? Now you can carry on reading the following!

So let’s come back to ‘what are you looking for’?

If you are seeking directions and have specific questions like:

  • How is my career progression/outlook going to be like?
  • Should I accept the new job offer?
  • How can I improve my relationship with this or that person?
  • Which course of action should I take?

Questions involving primarily on how, should and picking between options like the above:-

Divination primarily deals directly to the question you have on hand. It acts like a forecast and we derive the potential benefits, detriments, lessons and challenges you may face. The Curator tends to keep the forecasting within 12 months maximum because it makes more sense to focus in making improvements and progressions in near, foreseeable futures than to speculate something that is too far ahead with no signs of personal involvement and commitment in it.

If you are trying to understand your life’s potentials, shortcomings, strengths, weaknesses and trend (which is commonly known as luck), then you will have to pick one of the options in the following module.

Life Analysis, instead of answering on how, should and picking between options, it focuses on the when. The common principle is that things generally leads to a good outcome if you start a task during a good trend; and things likely grows into a bad outcome if you start something during a bad trend. The forecasting of the trend is meant to help you in managing expectations and strategize the plans you have in mind. So this can be something beyond question you have on hand.

Feng Shui is meant to improve the space that you reside or work in. This is helpful if you are in the same space for over many years and never seems to just get your breakthrough. This is especially so if you are meant to be going through good luck trend.

Ritual is meant to aid you in areas with a tinge of something beyond this reality. Click on the image to to learn more.

I also offer Auspicious Date Selection service to help you pick a good date for your good cause.

I also have Auspicious Name Selection service to help you analyse your current name. It can be also engaged to pick new name that is suitable to you or your loved ones.

You are still welcome to drop me a text if you are not looking for any of the above. Sometimes I do have other tricks up my sleeves…that I just do not want to offer them publicly.

…or you only need a listening ear and not exactly any metaphysic services at all…!

We are a click away from consultations and queries!

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