The Talisman that the Curator has to offer is a hybrid of Taoist and Buddhist elements that covers a few type.

To the untrained eye, a Talisman is a piece of paper with ink inscribed on it. But a properly charged Talisman contains the energies of the required Deities and intent that you wish for.

The Curator will communicate with you to understand what is the most suitable Talisman for your situation.

The following are the different types of Talisman, purposes and usages:-

  1. Personal Protection – Generally meant to ward of all sorts of negative influences to reduce mischance, misfortune and supernatural disturbances. This is meant to carry with / near you most of the time especially when you are not at home.
  2. Space Protection – As aforesaid just that this protects a given area, it can be a house, office, factory, etc. This is meant to place near the main entrance of the space. More than one may be required to hang at specific spots if the space is bigger than usual. The Talisman can be placed in a concealed manner and not necessary showing it.
  3. Banishing – You may active in places you deem to be yin or with bad energies and you might want to take preventive measures to stop the entanglement of such bad energies to follow around. This is usually meant to be burned and hover the fire around you as you leave the place or before you enter the house.
  4. Persisting Ailments***Disclaimer*** This CANNOT replace seeking treatments from certified medical doctors. This is after you have sought and followed the treatments by doctors and symptoms like chills, fevers, diarrhea and other small ailments still occur. Some of these talismans are found in the common Cantonese Almanac. You can write them if you understand the prescriptions and instructions. This is meant to be burned with other assorted paper offerings or carry with you. This type of talisman effect is meant to be short term.
  5. Wealth or Business BoosterThis is not to be mistaken as bringing you a rush of windfall luck by default. If it is that easy, the Curator would not have to provide services in exchange to receive payment to earn a living. This is meant to increase the odds in bringing you noblemen that can elevate your career / business or build a pool of recurring clients. Depending on the exact type used, you may have to carry it with you, position in a good location at work / shop, or burn it with other assorted paper offerings usually outside / near work / shop.

Talisman should be taken as a supplementary or temporary aid. It should not be wrongly taken as a miracle pill that can totally replace your effort and commitment in improving your life experience.

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