Spiritual Petition

Going forward, Spiritual Petition is beyond the ‘upgraded’ version of the previous Lamp Offering. It is the simplified version of a formal buddhist liturgy which is to recite a buddhist scripture and the associated mantras. On top of offering lamp, incense, and assorted paper offerings as per Chinese traditions to the relevant Buddhist Deities, the details of the client including the goals will be put down in writing in a specific manner. This Petition is to be offered formally to the Buddhist Deities in a ritualized manner.

Spiritual Petition can be engaged for the following purposes:-

  1. Reducing Mischance – This is for people who has been running in streaks of bad luck for a while. And the bad luck manifests in varied form. This can be from as random as knocks and bruises (for no good reasons of course), to getting misunderstood and lead to bad reputation.
  2. Fortune Increment – This is a rather generic luck improvement ritual. It can be as coincidence as to meet the right person at the correct time and space to as finding that parking lot when you are in an emergency.
  3. Noblemen Boosters – This is suitable if you are vying for promotion, acing that job interviews, winning the big clients or any matter that you fully understand that you need to attract people that has a say to your success into your life.
  4. Obstacles Removal – This is for people who always run into the same type of blockages that literally impede your achievement. It is akin to a habitual challenge that plagues you for years but something more intense than it.
  5. Prayers for Deceased Pets – This is for the pet owners who want to send good thoughts and energies to the deceased pets wishing they will be achieving better rebirths.

The following are the scriptures that can be engaged for the above:

  1. Chapter of the Universal Gate of Guanyin – This is a popular scripture, a chapter taken from the Lotus Sutra. It focuses on introducing Guanyin as an active form of compassion reaching out to different people and the capacity to deal with different types of problems.
  2. Diamond Sutra – This is a popular scripture that is often used in formal buddhist liturgy. It preaches the sublime Truth of Emptiness and we look forward in gather good energies in sharing this Truth.
  3. Original Vows of the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Sutra – This is another popular scripture often used in formal buddhist liturgy. However, often an underestimated as only to pray for good health, according to the Vows of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha, He also provides wealth, sustenance and ability to comprehend the Dharma to practitioners. He also comes with a retinue of demigods that overcome different disasters in life.
  4. Star Lamp – This is special liturgy, invoking Bhaisajyaguru Buddha and 6 other Buddhas in the East to quickly manage and mitigate the challenges a person is facing. This is usually meant for urgent cases.

The Curator will only performed after the following:

  1. Thoroughly discussed with the client his or her situation and decide which scripture is suitable for the situation.
  2. Charges varies due to duration of time and length of effort required. Some liturgy can be a session of 40 to 50 minutes of chanting while some can be 7 days of 20 minutes each.
  3. To inform the client about the arrangement that has planned and, sometimes, there are additional actions required to be done on the client’s side. It can be taking less meat for a period of time, or make donations to specific charity cause for a short period of time. It is strongly encouraged for the client to undertake.
  4. Clients to consider about the cost and whether willing to undertake the additional actions, if any.
  5. Receive payment in full from client before performing the (first) ritual.
  6. There is no refund once the Spiritual Petition is printed (which a photo will be taken and sent to you).

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