Playing Cards

Playing Cards hailed all the way back to Europe in the 1370s and can be commonly found around us. There were divination involving Playing Cards developed throughout since its place of origin.

What I have to offer is a style that is influenced by I-Ching concepts.

The following spreads are for remote reading engagement:

4 Auspicious or Inauspicious
S$11 for 1 question

This 2-card reading provides a quick overall picture on the question you have in mind, auspicious or not, and using the cards’ association to briefly understand the main / primary underlying factors.

I-Ching Hexagram
S$38 for 1 question

This 7-card (or more) reading provides 4-tiers of perception on the question you have in mind. The detailed reading allows us to understand sometime what looks naught on the outside may still have something worth pursuing…but the opposite can be true too…!

12 Opening Hexagram
S$69 for 1 question

This 36-card reading forecasts a quick overall trend on a topic you have in mind in the coming 12 months from the month you ask for this reading. This is suitable for people who wish to check on their annual luck trend and either not having their full birth details or wish not to divulge.

The topics can be:

  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Romance
  • Health

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