Magick is only recommended to people who are not fully in control of the situation or have exhausted all possible human effort and genuinely need an extra push from the supernatural.

Magick, in its simplest explanation is increasing odds and nudging coincidences.

Having understood the definition, other in exceptional situations, what is desired does not usually manifest over night. Hence, Magick is not suitable for you if you do not have patience.

General Magick can be engaged for the following, in no particular order:-

  1. Protection – This is meant for client who, for whatever reasons, do not carry any form of protective amulets and wish to have protection. This can sometimes be done as enhance protection for specific event like traveling overseas, undertaking a dangerous task or you suspect to be under supernatural attack.
  2. Healing and Recovery – This is meant for client who is not in the best of health. Mind you that the Magick performed here does not and cannot replace proper medical treatment. Magick performed here is deem to aid client in attracting the right medical professional to provide the best solution to your situation and shielding you from distraction so that you can focus in getting better.
  3. Luck – This is meant for client who needs an extra boost in his or her environment to locate opportunities. This can meant for either being your own boss or working for someone else. This is not to be confused with windfall luck.
  4. Overcoming Challenges – This is meant for client who is in a fix with the situation pretty out of his or her control. This can be from indulging in bad habits to getting involved in legal suit. This is not to be confused that people who willfully done wrong to others can get away with only a slap on the wrist.
  5. Love – This is meant for client who needs an extra boost in improving his or her charm and better his or her communication in search of love. This is not to be confused as some sort of love hex that manipulates the mind and free will of another.
  6. Binding and/or Releasing – This is meant for client who has been a target of a bully over a long period of time and unable to reach an amicable solution. This is to keep the bully away from abusing you.
  7. Retributive – This is meant for client who yearns for justice to be delivered after all possible human means to claim justice are exhausted.

The Curator will only performed after the following:

  1. Thoroughly discussed with the client his or her situation and decide which category of Magick is suitable for the situation.
  2. Performing a complimentary divination to forecast the success rate of the Magick within a foreseeable future, usually up to 6 to 9 months.
  3. To confirm with client whether to go ahead after the divination is done, especially if the forecasted success rate is not high and have the client to consider 3 full days before coming back to the Curator to confirm whether to go ahead or not.
  4. Receive payment in full from client before performing the (first) ritual.
  5. Service fee is dependent on the type and number of ritual require to perform to achieve result. There is no refund in the event that client wishes to stop the series of ritual that had planned.

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