Life Analysis

Life Analysis refers to any technique that primarily uses a person’s birth details (year/month/day/time of birth) to understanding a person’s potential and trend in life. Ba Zi is a popular Life Analysis technique whom the Curator is proficient in. The analysis is made possible by understanding how the elements in your natal chart interacts with the time frame concerned. Ba Zi Life Analysis can provide insight in the following areas:

  • Characteristics
  • Spouse
  • Wealth
  • Offsprings
  • Career
  • Health
  • Accident

Clients are encouraged to use pen and paper or phone to note down important points that will be said during the consultation. Voice recording is allowed during the consultation.

House call can be arranged for Ba Zi Trend Analysis and Ba Zi Trend and Past Life Analysis and an additional $60 on top of the base consultation fee.

Ba Zi Trend Analysis
S$180 up to 60min

This is aimed at looking at what are your favourable and challenging months in the coming year or a few years, should you have something specific in mind.

Ba Zi Trend and Past Life Analysis
S$250 up to 90min

Other than the usual Ba Zi technique that is deployed, another technique will be used to show insights with regards to your karmic lessons.

Ba Zi Trend and Numerology Analysis
S$250 up to 90min

Using Ba Zi Technique primarily in understanding your life’s potential and trend, we will also deploy Numerology to aid us in understanding your character traits and potential through essential numbers and magic square.

Ba Zi Romance Compatibility Analysis
S$280 up to 60min

This is aimed at helping you to understand you and your (potential) partner’s perspective in romance and how can live in harmony and create your blissful future.

This also enables you to find out if you have any helpful ancillary stars in one another’s chart that can be of aid to one another.

Auspicious Date Selection
S$198 onwards

Auspicious Date Selection is commonly used on important or milestone events like:

  • Solemnization
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Moving to a new house/office
  • Opening of new business/project

Auspicious Date Selection is done using the Chinese Almanac in consideration to the Ba Zi of the different stakeholders involved.

For $198, we will provide the 3 best date/time within the period you are looking. Additional charges apply if you are looking beyond period you preferred initially.

Auspicious Name Selection
S$288 onwards

Auspicious Name Selection is used on newborns, adults that want to improve his or her potential and registered business name.:

Ba Zi Technique is primarily used to find out the client’s helpful elements which provides the direction to apply Chinese Naming Technique.

For S$288, we will vet up to 2 Chinese names that you have provided and will propose up to 2 suitable Chinese names. Additional charges apply if you wish to explore beyond these 4 Chinese names.

Topping up $188, we can provide English names selection using Numerology Technique for the aforesaid 4 Chinese names in Hanyu Pinyin with the English name preferred.

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