Lamp Offering

Lamp Offering is a customized ritual that consist of offering lamp, incense, appropriate mantra and assorted paper offerings (according to Chinese folklore practice) to the relevant Buddhist deities in accordance to the type of petition and number of rites required/requested.

Reducing Mischance
S$108 for 3 rites
$168 for 5 rites

This is for people who has been running in streaks of bad luck for a while. And the bad luck manifests in varied form. This can be from as random as knocks and bruises (for no good reasons of course), to getting misunderstood and lead to bad reputation.

Fortune Increment
S$108 for 3 rites

This is a rather generic luck improvement ritual. It can be as coincidence as to meet the right person at the correct time and space to as finding that parking lot when you are in an emergency.

Noblemen Boosters
S$108 for 3 rites
$168 for 5 rites

This is suitable if you are vying for promotion, acing that job interviews, winning the big clients or any matter that you fully understand that you need to attract people that has a say to your success into your life.

Obstacles Removal
S$588 for 3 rites

This can be rather heavy duty on the Curator’s side as it usually requires to also include a scripture liturgy and perhaps remote energy healing on top of the usual content

This is for people who always run into the same type of blockages that literally impede your achievement. It is akin to a habitual challenge that plague you for years but something more intense than it.

The Curator will only performed after the following:

  1. Thoroughly discussed with the client his or her situation and decide which category of Lamp Offering is suitable for the situation.
  2. Performing a complimentary divination to forecast the success rate of the Lamp Offering within a foreseeable future, usually up to 6 to 9 months.
  3. To confirm with client whether to go ahead after the divination is done, especially if the forecasted success rate is not high and have the client to consider 3 full days before coming back to the Curator to confirm whether to go ahead or not.
  4. Receive payment in full from client before performing the (first) ritual.
  5. There is no refund in the event that client wishes to stop the series of ritual that had planned.

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