King Wen Divination

King Wen Divination 文王卦 has other names including Liu Yao Divination 六爻文王卦, Tortoise Divination 龜卦 or Coin Divination 金錢卦. It is a divination technique that was founded and practiced over a long period of time. The first documented source dates back as far as Western Han period in the year 37 BC. The practice and refinement of this technique have happened since. It is said that Liu Bo Wen 劉伯溫, the founding Ming Dynasty Military Strategist, was a great practitioner that had penned down the foundations of this divination system.

King Wen Divination is performed by having the querent to toss 3 coins for 6 times to form a Gua, also Hexagram. Unlike the usual I-Ching Divination that just read off the meaning of the Gua, King Wen Divination studies the interactions of the earthly branches that are assigned to the individual lines in a Gua with respect to the earthly branches found in the year, month, day and sometimes the time when a question is asked. Other than the earthly branches, there are also the Six Relatives and Six Animals assigned to each of these lines and they are to be considered for interpreting the reading. There can be zero to six changing lines that foretell changes that are to be noted.

Some questions that are commonly asked using King Wen Divination:

  • How is your wealth / career / health / romance luck for the coming 12 month? Please note that each Gua can only answer one area.
  • Is joining this company / business venture beneficial for you?
  • What does this person that you are attracted romantically think of you?

A King Wen Divination for one question is SGD46.

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