Feng Shui

A good Feng Shui Audit aims to address and improve areas of concerns like:

  • Vitality
  • Relationship
  • Wealth
  • Overall well-being and luck

A professional Feng Shui Audit includes observing the forms both external and internal to the auditing space and the Qi distribution inside the auditing space.

In recent times, principles of Feng Shui have been adapted to audit commercial spaces including office, retail shop and factories to achieve harmony between human and space.

What type of service meets your needs?

Unit Selection

It is strongly encourage to have the space checked before deciding whether to buy/rent or not. This is because there are certain types of bad external form found outside of the apartment that are near impossible to have them changed. This applies to both home, office and other commercial properties.

Floor Plan Selection

This is suitable if you only have the floor plan and unable to have the Curator to visit the home or office space on-site.

Charges varies due to type of unit.

It will be 50% of the full audit charge.

On-site Selection

This is the most ideal in Feng Shui Audit, to be able to choose before moving in. It will be best to have ample time to measure the Qi in all essential areas inside the space.

Charges varies due to type of unit.

This will be the considered as a full audit.

Unit Audit

This is suitable to be do before renovation takes place in the unit should you not have applied Feng Shui principles during selection. This applies to both home and other commercial properties that include office, shophouse, retail shop, warehouse and factory.

HDB Housing

  • HDB 3 Room Flat or smaller for S$688
  • HDB 4 Room Flat for S$788
  • HDB 5 Room Flat for S$888
  • HDB Executive Apartment and Mansionette for S$988

EC and other Private Apartment

  • Studio Apartment/1 Bedroom for S$688
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment for S$888
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment for S$988
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment for S$1088
  • Penthouse for S$1188

Landed Property or Cluster Housing

  • Intermediate Terrace S$1388 onwards
  • Corner Terrace S$1588 onwards
  • Semi-Detached S$1688 onwards
  • Bungalow S$1788 onwards

Additional charges apply if there are five or more occupants as the Curator needs more time and effort to understand all occupants’ birth charts.


  • Less than 500sqft S$688
  • 500sqft – 1,000sqft S$988
  • More than 1,000sqft will be S$1 per sqft, do contact the Curator for quotation

WorkStation Audit

This is suitable if you do spend a lot of time in office and yearn to tap the energies in the environment to your advantage.

Floor Plan Selection

This is suitable if you only have the floor plan and unable to have the Curator to visit your workstation on-site.

Cost from S$288 onward.

On-site Selection

This is the most ideal for workstation audit and will be best to have ample time to measure the Qi in all essential areas inside the space.

Cost from $388 onward.

What Happens during the selection or audit?

The following are required when you engage us for selection or audit:

  • Floor plan of the unit.
  • Birth details including birth year, month, day, time and region/country belonging to all occupants/stakeholders
  • Any pre-existing issues belonging to occupants/stakeholders that I should be informed of (ie. any existing health conditions, facing legal problems, etc).

Audit content includes the following:

  1. Managing bad external forms.
  2. Activating Qi Generating Sector(s) in the apartment.
  3. Placements of furniture and fittings in the apartment to manage and avoid activating the bad sectors.
  4. Auspicious date selection(s) for renovation (if required) and moving-in.
  5. Bed setup to increase childbearing, if required.
  6. Mapping out the Benefactor sectors, if required.
  7. Mapping out Wealth sectors, if required.
  8. Mapping out Romance sectors, if required.
  9. Advice on traditional prayers for before and after renovation, if required; and home altar setup, if required.
  10. A complimentary 30 minute consultation session using Tarot. This is done during the follow-up visit. This is only available for Residential Feng Shui Audit.

Audit process includes the following:

  1. First site visit to observe external forms and taking Qi measurements.
  2. Discussion with home owners on their furniture and fittings arrangements, theme for the house and the marking of Dos and Don’ts on the floor plan for home owners to take note. This can take up 45 minutes to an hour.
  3. A follow-up site visit after renovation and/or moving-in for check up.

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