Feng Shui Audit Processes

What happens during the selection or audit?

You have to provide the following when you engage us for selection or audit:

  1. A soft copy of the floor plan of the unit that is properly done. The Curator can purchase a proper PDF version of the floor plan on behalf of the client if the auditing space is a HDB unit. The current cost is S$5.
  2. Birth details including birth year, month, day, time and region/country belonging to all occupants/stakeholders.
  3. Any pre-existing issues belonging to occupants/stakeholders that I should be informed of (ie. any existing health conditions, facing legal problems, etc).

Audit content includes the following:

  1. Managing bad external forms.
  2. Activating Qi Generating Sector(s) in the apartment.
  3. Placements of furniture and fittings in the apartment to manage and avoid activating the bad sectors.
  4. Auspicious date selection(s) for renovation (if required) and moving-in.
  5. Bed setup to increase childbearing, if required/possible/necessary.
  6. Mapping out the Benefactor sectors, if required/possible/necessary.
  7. Mapping out Wealth sectors, if required/possible/necessary.
  8. Mapping out Romance sectors, if required/possible/necessary.
  9. Advice on traditional prayers for before and after renovation, if required; and home altar setup, if required.
  10. A complimentary 30 minute consultation session using Tarot. This is done during the follow-up visit. This is only available for Residential Feng Shui Audit.

Audit process includes the following:

  1. First site visit to observe external forms and taking Qi measurements.
  2. Plot and draw the 24-mountain sectors on the floor plan to facilitate the consultation of the space.
  3. Discussion with home owners on their furniture and fittings arrangements, theme for the house and the marking of Dos and Don’ts on the floor plan for home owners to take note.
  4. A PDF version of the Foundational Luck Enhancing Proposal and Annual Flying Star Mapping will be provided to the client within the next 2 days after the visit. Please note that an additional charge of $100 per request is applicable should the client request the Curator to provide an updated PDF version of either or both of the aforesaid documents with due to change of interior layout.
  5. A follow-up site visit after renovation and/or moving-in for check up.

Things to take note of:

  1. It takes about up to 25 to 30 minutes for the Curator to observe the external form and marks all the required Qi measurement for HDB apartments.
  2. The drawing of the 24-mountain sectors and plotting the required auspicious sectors takes about up to 15 minutes for HDB apartments.
  3. Therefore, the estimated time taken for item 1 and 2 will definitely be longer if the Curator is to audit bigger spaces.
  4. The complimentary 30 minute consultation session using Tarot takes place at the follow-up visit. Client can choose to top up with a fee of S$100 for a 60 minute consultation session with Tarot or Ba Zi (limited to one life chart only).
  5. The Curator usually provides 2 sets of 6-emperor coins for residential space audit. Even should the client not to engage the Curator for annual audit, the client can check with the Curator where to shift the 2 sets of 6-emperor coins as Li Chun approaches.

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