Energy Works

All energy workings offered are done remotely and do not need you to meet the consultant in-person.

You will discuss your issue(s) with the consultant via phone call, text or email. The appropriate and necessary energy work will be performed on selected date(s) after payment is received. Urgent charges can apply if you need a faster response.

Energy Healing

Wellness in spirituality covers beyond the physical bodies that we have. Everyone is taken to have three other bodies and they are emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. Energy healing is meant to recuperate and restore balance in all these bodies.

Reiki Healing
SGD60 for 1 session
SGD150 for 3 sessions

Reiki, also known as the Usui System of Natural Healing, is a popular and commonly known energy healing modality. It aims to balance your auric field that can improve in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

One healing session is suitable for a person are trying energy healing for the first time.

A package of 3 healing session is meant to experience the healing effect better.

Ritual Work

Ritual Work is a deliberate set of symbolic conducts that is believed to convey your concerns to the spiritual world. We perform adapted versions of traditional liturgy to increase your odds and nudge coincidences to your favour.

Lamp Offering

A lamp offering is ideal for people who would like to make a lamp offering to the Buddha but have no shrine at home.

A brief liturgy and prayer will be made on your behalf.

Seven-Lamp Ritual

This Seven-Lamp Ritual is meant for people who are facing challenges that requires immediate attention.

This liturgy calls forth and taps into the energies and esoteric symbolism of Bhaisajyaguru Tathagatha, commonly know as the Medicine Buddha, to alleviate sufferings and recharge your life force.

Wealth Manifesting Ritual

This Wealth Manifesting Ritual lasts for seven days and is meant for people who have mid- to long-term wealth goals

This liturgy calls forth and taps into the energies and abundance of Cundi Bodhisattva, to opening up opportunities that are aligned to your yearning.

This is not meant to materialize lottery, gambling or other games of chance

Obstacle Removing Ritual 

This Obstacle Removing Ritual lasts for seven days and is meant for people who seems to experience the same type of challenges or difficulties over and over again.

This liturgy calls forth and taps into the energies and strength of Acala Vidyaraja, commonly know as the Fudo Myoo in the Japanese culture, to remove the blockages by purifying your energy.

This does not mean that your humanly effort can be thrown out of the window. Acala values discipline and integrity of a person.

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