Energy Works

All energy workings offered are done remotely and do not need you to meet the consultant in-person.

You will discuss your issue(s) with the consultant via phone call, text or email. The appropriate and necessary energy work will be performed on selected date(s) after payment is received. Urgent charges can apply if you need a faster response.

Healing Works

Wellness in spirituality covers beyond the physical bodies that we have. Everyone is taken to have three other bodies and they are emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. Energy healing is meant to recuperate and restore balance in all these bodies.

Reiki Healing
SGD66 onwards

Reiki Healing can be performed on humans and pets.

It aims to balance your auric field that can improve in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Package rates available.

Reiki Triangle
SGD77 onwards 

Reiki Triangle is an energy grid that is set up for seven days to have you expressing your challenges and allow Reiki to flow into your situation and brings about the best solution to you.

Package rates available.

Reiki Space Healing
SGD188 onwards

Reiki Space Healing aims to remove stagnant energetic blockages in a space that you are active and to restore harmony and serenity.

This is for people who feel anxious, stress or lethargic in a particular space, be it home or office.

Rates varies due to type of space.

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Candle Works

Candle Works involves the use of candles that move things in either the spiritual or the auric world.

Candle Ritual

This ritual brings your wish to a Benign Force to nudge and tug odds to work in your favour.

It can also be used to bring comfort and healing to a loved one that you may so wish to dedicate.

Five-Element Ritual

This ritual taps into the energetic symbolism of the Chinese Five Elements.

It aims to raise the elemental vibration that is favourable to you that is in accordance to your Ba Zi Natal Chart.

Seven-Star Ritual

This ritual calls forth and taps into the energies and esoteric symbolism of Bhaisajyaguru Tathagatha, commonly know as the Medicine Buddha, to alleviate sufferings, recharge your life force and bring you spiritual solace.

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Ritual Works

Ritual Work is a deliberate set of symbolic conducts that is believed to convey your concerns to the spiritual world.

Tarot Magick Ritual

Tarot Magick Ritual taps into the esoteric symbolism of the Tarot.

With the combination of the appropriate cards, your wish is petitioned to the Divine to set things in motion.

This can include healing and protection for your loved ones.

Wealth Manifesting Ritual

This Wealth Manifesting Ritual lasts for seven days and is for people who have mid- to long-term wealth goals

This liturgy calls forth and taps into the energies and abundance of Cundi Bodhisattva, to opening up opportunities that are aligned to your yearning.

This is not meant to materialize lottery, gambling or other games of chance

Obstacle Removing Ritual 

This Obstacle Removing Ritual lasts for seven days and is for people who experience recurring challenges or difficulties of the same type.

This liturgy calls forth and taps into the energies and strength of Acala Vidyaraja, commonly know as the Fudo Myoo in the Japanese culture, to remove the blockages by purifying your energy.

This does not mean that your humanly effort can be thrown out of the window. Acala values discipline and integrity of a person.

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