REMOTE Consultations

Remote consultations need not have you to meet our consultants in-person or via video call.

You will discuss your question(s) with the consultant via phone call, text or email. The reading will be done and send to you via text or voice message in two working days after payment is received. Urgent charges apply if you need a faster response.

Remote Tarot Consultations

The Tarot stems from a rich and diverse history throughout its evolution. In the study of Tarot, the 78 cards in a deck represents the universe. Tarot is designed to answer a wide variety of questions by using different spreads.

Yes/No Spread
SGD18 for 1 question

This 3-card spread is suitable for people making an ‘either-or’ choice in their situation and focus on the outcome.

Horseshoe Spread
SGD38 for 1 question

This 7-card spread is suitable for people seeking advice with an interest of how a situation may develop.

Celtic Cross Spread
SGD58 for 1 question

This 12-card spread is suitable for people seeking advice not only with an interest of how a situation will develop but delves into the subconscious attitude that all stakeholders have.

Comparison Spread
SGD68 for 1 question

This uses 2 sets of 7-card Horseshoe Spread that is suitable for people standing at a crossroad of their lives considering 2 options. This spread helps to compare 2 courses of outcome to aid you in your decision-making.

Nine Palace Grid Spread
SGD88 for 1 spread

This 18-card spread is an adaptation of the Chinese Ba Gua that allows you to sneak peek the eight areas in your life that includes career, knowledge, health, wealth, fame, love, descendant and mentor.

Remote Chinese Fortune Telling

We also offer varied types of divination from the Chinese metaphysics disicpline.

King Wen Coin Divination
SGD38 for 1 question

King Wen Coin Divination plots the 6-line trigram for a direct observation on the outcome. Sometimes trigram reveals human interactions that you should pay attention to.

Qi Men Dun Jia Divination
SGD38 for 1 question

Qi Men Dun Jia plots your question into a 9-palace gird for our Q.C. to study the effects that the given time-space have over you.

Guanyin Oracle
SGD15 for 1 question

This oracle calls forth the compassionate Guanyin to show advice in a 4-line poem. Some of them foretells an outcome vividly and some others reveals one’s inner world and the appropriate attitude to adapt.

Please note that the Curator only performs this oracle after his personal morning liturgy. 

Auspicious Date Selection
SGD198 onwards

Auspicious Date Selection is commonly used on important or milestone events like:

  • Solemnization
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Moving to a new house/office
  • Opening of new business/project

3 dates will be given within the range of period preferred. Additional charges apply for additional date.

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Video call consultation is suitable if you are unable to meet our consultants in-person due to timing and/or location.

Currently, only video call reading is available due to Singapore’s Circuit Breaker Policy.

In-person consultation will resume after Circuit Breaker ends on 1 Jun 2020.

Tarot Card Consultation
SGD100 for 30 min
SGD180 for 1 hr

No limits on the number of cards used.

A 30 minute session is usually sufficient for up to 5 specific questions.

An 1 hour session is suitable when you have more than 5 questions and you think more questions may surface during the consultation.

King Wen Coin Divination
SGD100 for 30 min
SGD180 for 1 hr

A 30 minute session is sufficient for up to 3 questions.

A 1 hour session can read up to 6 questions.

The casting of coins to plot the 6-line trigram is not as suave as dealing with Tarot cards or erecting a time-space chart like QMDJ. Therefore, less questions can be read, so, only focus on real burning issues you have on hand.

Ba Zi Life Analysis
SGD100 for 30 min
SGD180 for 1 hr

Ba Zi is said to be able to study the potentials in the following:

  • Spouse
  • Wealth
  • Offsprings
  • Career
  • Health
  • Disasters
  • Favourable Cycle
  • Unfavourable Cycle

An 1 hour session is usually for first timers to have your natal chart fully read.

A 30 minute session is suitable if you are only interested with current year trend.

Coin Divination may apply to answer certain questions.

Ba Zi Romance Compatibility
SGD280 for 1 hr

This is to help you understand the character and values each of you hold dear to and how to live in harmony and create your blissful future.

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