REMOTE Consultations

Remote consultations need not have you to meet our consultants in-person or via video call.

You will discuss your question(s) with the consultant via phone call, text or email. The reading will be done and send to you via text or voice message in two working days after payment is received. Urgent charges apply if you need a faster response.

Consultations here include life analysis, divinations and compatibility selections.

Remote Chinese Fortune Telling

We also offer varied types of divination from the Chinese metaphysics discipline.

King Wen Coin Divination
SGD38 for onwards

King Wen Coin Divination projects the interaction you have with your immediate environment and to find the most feasible solution.

Qi Men Dun Jia Divination
SGD49 onwards

Qi Men Dun Jia plots your question into a 9-palace gird for our Q.C. to study the effects that the given time-space have over you.

Auspicious Date Selection
SGD198 onwards

Auspicious Date Selection is commonly used on important or milestone events like:

  • Solemnization
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Moving to a new house/office
  • Opening of new business/project

Cesarean Date/Time Selection
SGD368 onwards

Cesarean Date/Time Selection is only available if you have to delivery your incoming child via cesarean due to medical reasons.

Primarily uses Ba Zi Life Analysis to choose the best possible date/time for delivery. Includes analysing at least the first 3 decade luck cycle.

Chinese Name Analysis

Primarily using Ba Zi Life Analysis to decipher the elements and structures that are found in your name. And whether has your name been a bonus to well-being.

Special rates available if you have recently done Ba Zi Natal Chart Analysis

Chinese Name Selection
SGD238 onwards

Primarily uses Ba Zi Life Analysis to choose the most suitable name with favourable elements and structure that are aligned with your vision.

Special rates available if you have recently done with Chinese Name Analysis.

Guanyin Oracle
SGD15 for 1 question

Guanyin Oracle calls forth the compassionate Guanyin to show advice in a 4-line poem oracles. Some of them foretells an outcome vividly and some others reveals one’s inner world and the appropriate attitude to adapt.

Please note that the Curator only performs this oracle after his personal morning liturgy. 

Constellation Compatibility
SGD68 onwards

Constellation Compatibility is for people who wants a quick check on the potential working relationship with another person.

This includes hiring employees and getting into partnership.

This is suitable when you do not have the birth time of the other party.

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Video Call and In-Person Consultations are suitable for people who have a more than a few questions and/or anticipating to have follow-up questions and prefer to have them answered in the same session.

However, In-Person Consultations are not allowed in Singapore at this point in time due to Safe Reopening measures.

Ba Zi Analysis

Ba Zi Analysis studies the following potentials and how they fare in the current decade cycle and current year cycle:

  • Characteristics
  • Spouse
  • Wealth
  • Offsprings
  • Career
  • Health
  • Disasters

Ba Zi Romance Compatibility Analysis

Romance Compatibility Analysis opens up the couple’s charts and aim to help you to live in harmony and create your blissful future through understanding the following:

  • Characteristics
  • Spouse
  • Wealth
  • Offsprings
  • Career

We are a click away from consultations and queries!

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