Tarot Cards

The contemporary Tarot hails from a long way back as a French card game known as Trionfi and later as Tarocchi. Trionfi is known as ‘Trump’ but there are no good translation for the word Tarocchi. However, the card game Tarochi, later grew into an Italian playing card game known as the Tarot of Marseilles. Contemporary Tarot decks are largely inspired or influenced by the Rider Waite Smith Tarot which was said to have developed Tarot of Marseilles.

Tarot has a more complexed structure, bearing Major and Minor Arcana cards with the Minor contains 4 suits of cards. Tarot is capable of providing a straightforward outlook and also a deeper, and even perhaps psychological outlook with the characters involve in the situation.

The following spreads are for remote reading engagement:

Yes/No Spread
S$23 for 1 spread

This 3-card spread is for people making an ‘either-or’ choice in their situation and focus on the outcome.

Relationship Spread
S$23 for 1 spread

This 3-card spread is for a quick look at two persons’ relationship, perspectives or needs and desires over a matter.

Doorway Spread
S$38 for 1 spread

This 5-card spread is for self-exploration purposes. It touches on your inspiration, challenge, opportunity, risk and discovery.

Lucky Horseshoe Spread
S$38 for 1 spread

This 5-card spread touches the forces that are for and against you, the advice on how to handle these forces, and what may tip you over.

Horseshoe Spread
S$49 for 1 spread

This 7-card spread is for people seeking advice with an interest of how a situation may develop.

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