Fallen Angel Oracle Cards

There diverse variety of oracle cards and each of them has their own system and not the same as Tarot cards.

Fallen Angel Oracle Cards reading is not suitable for people who have strong preconceived notion that the Fallen is inherently evil.

Fallen Angel Oracle Cards reading is suitable for people who takes ownership and responsibility in their own doings; and understand the so-called good and evil falls in a spectrum, and, at times, situational.

As a type of Oracle Cards and tapping into the Fallen, the reading may tend to lean towards the emotions and psychological level over how an event manifest physically.

A meaningful reading can show clarity and address to the following:-

Progression Spread
S$23 for 1 spread

This 3-card spread sheds light on how the Past built the Present and how the Present crafts the Future.

Doorway Spread
S$38 for 1 spread

This 5-card spread is for self-exploration purposes. It touches on your inspiration, challenge, opportunity, risk and discovery.

Seal of Solomon Spread
S$41 for 1 spread

This 7-card spread is for people seeking advice with an interest of how a situation may develop and what can they do to move towards a more favourable outcome.

Pyramid Spread
S$41 for 1 spread

This 7-card spread is for affairs of the heart. It is meant to give clarity to loss and confused heart. Although it can be used for other matter, it generally touches at the emotional level.

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