Cartomancy is divination by using cards. The Curator is experienced in using Tarot as the primary cartomancy technique. You can click here to learn about the Curator’s exposure and experience.

The Curator has also experience and learn other card divinations over the years and currently offers:

  • Tarot Cards
  • I-Ching Playing Cards
  • Lenormand Cards
  • Fallen Angel Oracle Cards

However, please note that the Curator’s default go-to is Tarot Cards. Please inform the Curator before the appointment if you are keen in trying out other card reading techniques.

A professional reading can show clarity and address to the following:-

  • General situation in life
  • Career choices and progressions
  • Interpersonal relationship among families, friends and coworkers
  • Romance situation
  • Life choices

The Curator had also handle areas like:

  • How is a departed loved one now? And does he/she has any message for the living?
  • Communicate with a pet or to find out what a pet needs or wants.

If you have three questions or more, it will be more practical to engage video call/in-person consultation.


Video Call and In-Person Consultations are suitable for people who have more than a few questions and/or anticipating to have follow-up questions and prefer to have them answered in the same session.

Clients are encouraged to use pen and paper or phone to note down important points that will be said during the consultation. Voice recording is allowed during the consultation.

House call can be arranged for engagement of at least 1 hour and an additional $30 on top of the base consultation fee is applicable if the location is more than 30 minute drive from the Curator’s residence. Please note that the additional fee is subject to change should the Curator changes his mode of transport.

S$130 for 30 min

No limits on the number of cards used for any spread.

A 30 minute session is usually sufficient for up to 5 specific questions.

S$180 for 60 min

No limits on the number of cards used for any spread.

An 1 hour session is suitable when you have more than 5 questions and you think more questions may surface during the consultation.

If you only have one to two questions, it will be more cost effective to engage remote reading instead.


Remote readings need not have you to meet the Curator in-person or via video call.

You will discuss your question(s) with the Curator via phone call or WhatsApp. Usually the Curator will also ask you for a number that will be involved in drawing the cards. Within 48 hours after payment is received, the reading will be done and have a picture of the spread and voice memo sent to you via WhatsApp Urgent charges apply if you request for a faster response.

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