About Us

Abode of Light is a project initiated by the Curator as a calling to his spiritual aspiration.


Light Up Your Life!


To improve your life situations using metaphysics, spiritual or other holistic solutions from a pragmatic, encouraging and uplifting perspective.

Ser Ming

Astrologer Diviner Geomancer
The Curator

Ser Ming started giving Tarot reading to public over a decade ago and have adopted other knowledge and skills since.

Ser Ming enjoys helping people who are either looking inward or outward of their lives and to work out a series of practical solutions to to improve their life experiences.

After over a decade of working in both private and public sectors, Ser Ming has developed an approach in his readings which is to provide pragmatic and feasible ways to his clients.

Clients often engaged Ser Ming for Tarot, King Wen Divination, Ba Zi and Feng Shui services. He was also engaged for luck boosting purpose Ritual as well.

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