About Us

Abode of Light is a project initiated by the Curator as a calling to his spiritual aspiration.


Light Up Your Life!


To improve your life situations using metaphysics, spiritual or other holistic solutions from a pragmatic, encouraging and uplifting perspective.

The Curator

The Curator started giving Tarot reading to public over a decade ago and have adopted other knowledge and skills since.

The Curator enjoys helping people to plan for their lives and to look inwardly at the source of your own Light.

The Curator is a Singaporean of Chinese descent in his late 30s.

His Rising Sign is Aries.


Q.C. is the abbreviation for our in-house Qi Men Dun Jia (“QMDJ”) Consultant.

Q.C. is a personal friend to the Curator for over a decade and have got himself into the studies of Chinese metaphysics, focusing in the art of QMDJ for over 7 years.

Q.C. is a Singaporean of Chinese descent in his late 20s.

His Rising Sign is Capricorn.

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