Three is the third whole number that counts from the number zero and the number after one.

Three is like coming in second of the second. In many competitions, third place or second runner-up is still celebrated as making remarkable achievements. Coming in third still gets a bronze medal, presumably a more valuable alloy.

“Three strikes and you’re out” sounds stern but seems like a reasonable consequence to be told upfront.

“Three musketeers” refers to three people who are very closely related either in friendship or business. This does reminds me of a saying in Confucian Analects that there is bound to a teacher when there are three people travelling together.

But sometimes it is possible to get caught in a “two is company, three’s a crowd” situation.

“Three-ring circus” means having many activities happening at the same time. Is this a right idiom to describe the year 2020 globally in general?

Being too intoxicated and unsteady makes you “three sheets in the wind”.

Three in Numerology stands for inspiration, creative talent and self-expression. The colours associated to three are rose, ruby, amber, russet and blood.

In Astro-Numerology concept, three is represented by Jupiter. Jupiter is often associated to the meaning of prosperity, good fortune, expansion and growth. Jupiter also governs higher education, wealth, big business, law and travel.

In the Chinese Yellow River Map 河圖, three represents the wood element sitting in the east. In the Chinese Nine Halls Diagram 九宮圖 taken from the Lo Shu Square 洛書, three sits in the east representing the wood element.

Three appears as the third position in the sequence of number.

“Third string” refers to the third best player.

“Third time’s the charm” helps you to persistent in your endeavour and so does “third time pays for all”.

In the Chinese system of ordinals, the third Heavenly Stem is known as Bing 丙. The illustration that is usually associated with Bing is the Sun and other form of bigger flame that brings illumination and warm. There are Chinese metaphysics practitioners who taught that the number three to have the attributes of Bing.

In the Chinese Flying Star concept, the third star that is associated to the number three in the Lo Shu Square is Lu Cun 祿存星, can be translated as Fortune Present Star. Its diverse attributes are usually associated with turmoil, vying between right and wrong, and confusion.

How many items with the number them on them are around you usually?