Yellow is one of the seven approximated colours found under spectral colours.

Yellow is a prominent colour associated to sunflower and deserts in the daytime.

“Yellow journalism” means that a material published by a newspaper or magazine is sensationalistic with questionable accuracy and taste.

“Yellow dog” refers to an item or person of low value.

“Yellow light” means with limited approval or permission to proceed.

The Curator”s impression with the colour yellow is life vest. Perhaps even the dullest tone of yellow stands out in open water hence increases the chance of you receiving help.

Another impression the Curator has with the colour yellow is your post-it notes. It is a stationery that cannot be missed. We scribble little whatnot on it and stick it onto something else to provide additional information.

Another impression the Curator has with colour yellow is the yellow card in football games! It is flashed as an official warning whenever there is a foul picked up by the referee! A second yellow card will have the player kicked out of the game and cripples the team with one less player!

Banana is the very iconic fruit in yellow colour. Although we can observe that the flesh of the banana is not as yellow as its skin.

Turmeric, a type of spice that can range from orange to bright yellow, is an important ingredient in making flavourful curry!

The colour yellow stands for the air element in the classical Greek concept (which is generally adopted in western spiritualism) but as the earth element in the classical Chinese metaphysics. And we should know that air and earth can be pretty much at odds with one another.

In the Chinese culture, paper talismans are commonly drawn on yellow colour paper.

The colour yellow corresponds to the our solar plexus chakra Manipura. This chakra reflects how we are managing our sense of identity, self-confidence and personal power.

Tiger’s eye and honey calcite are known to be used to work with the solar plexus chakra.

How many yellow colour items are around you usually?