Soul, from the physical perspectives, is a intangible subject that cannot be quantify.

From the religious, spiritual, metaphysical and even philosophical perspectives, the soul is recognised as an essence in a living being. Without the soul, this living being would have lose his or her purpose.

The soul is also believed to include mental abilities like characteristic, perception, reasoning, thinking, memory, feeling and consciousness, just to name a few.

Some religions believe that only the human beings have immortal souls. This leads to the issue which that only humans are going to be judge by the Maker after their deaths.

Some religions taught that even animals and even bacteria have souls. The varied in physical forms is due to the manifestation of the different types of karma.

In Animism, it is believed that soul can even be found in rivers and rocks, in non-biological entities.

The belief in the existence of a soul generally leads to the question of where do you, the soul, come from; and where are you headed after this life’s physical death.

Except for a few religions, most other religions and other forms of spirituality believe that your soul has been reincarnated for many times. It is also possible to be reincarnated into a non-physical form.

With that same few religions, rest of the other religions and forms of spirituality believe that your soul will reincarnate into different existence after your physical death.

If skepticism can be applied here for a little while, it can be arduous or even lead to fruitless conclusion to debate which version of the origin and destination of soul is true.

So instead, the Curator suggests to focus what is your soul mean to you now, in this very life. We can accept that in general, regardless of religions and forms of spirituality, the teaching of the soul usually associates conscience to one’s conduct. We can safely say that, acknowledging the existence of our souls is one way to keep our current existence to be as proper a person as possible.

Soul can get hurt or damaged as well even though it is not a physical body.

A damaged or exhausted soul can affect the workings of the energy system in the physical body which eventually leads to a body with poor health or vitality.

Likewise, if we lead very unhealthy lifestyle, the deterioration of our physical body that can affect the energy system therein and leads to damaging or wearing out the soul.

Different souls brought with them different vibration and karmic seeds that can influence the experience with their physical bodies. In layman term, this can called as fortune or misfortune.

So how are you feeling lately? Are you full of energy or are you getting tired easily?

Is this due to your lifestyle or is it possible to have it coming from somewhere in you?