Two is the second whole number that counts from the number zero and the number after one.

Two is usually the substitute of one. Akin to a deputy that can make the call when the chief is absence. I would have celebrated my achievement if I am able to come in number two. But there are people who cannot settle with coming in second.

“Two heads are better than one” means it is easier to have two person to solve a problem than having one. We can understand this because having one more person have the chances of showing us our blind spots or areas that we may overlook.

Yet, we know that usually a committee will avoid with even numbers of members to avoid a tie situation when it comes to voting. Two is the first even number.

“It takes two to tango” means that there is no victim or a passive follower, both persons are responsible for what had happened.

“No two ways about it” is a very interesting phrase. Although ‘two’ appears in it but it is telling you that there is only one course of action for the matter.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” is also another interesting phrase. Two, which is more than one, has no value because they are not present with the person needing it.

Two in Numerology stands for diplomacy, persuasion and partnership. The colours associated to two are gold, salmon, prune, white and black.

In Astro-Numerology concept, two is represented by the Moon. The Moon is neither a planet nor a star. The Moon behaves like a satellite that revolve around the Earth in a synchronized manner. This much smaller astronomical body keeps Earth to regulate its seasons. Without the pull of the Moon, Earth will either have no seasons or extreme seasons.

In the Chinese Yellow River Map 河圖, two represents the fire element sitting in the south. In the Chinese Nine Halls Diagram 九宮圖 taken from the Lo Shu Square 洛書, two sits in the southwest representing the earth element.

Two appears as the second position in the sequence of number. Second can give people the impression of almost making it to the top.

“A second thought” is looking into further consideration. Somehow deciding at first thought does not seem that safe.

“Second to none” is an interesting phrase. It has the word second but it means being the best, being the first.

In the Chinese system of ordinals, the second Heavenly Stem is known as Yi 乙. The illustration that is usually associated with Yi is plants of vine or climbers that grow with the existing structure and adds on to the aesthetic. There are Chinese metaphysics practitioners who taught that the number two to have the attributes of Yi.

In the Chinese Flying Star concept, the second star that is associated to the number two in the Lo Shu Square is Ju Men 巨門星, some translate as Huge Door Star. Its diverse attributes are usually associated with turmoil, vying between right and wrong, and confusion.

How many items with the number two on them are around you usually?