Orange is one of the seven approximated colours found under spectral colours.

Orange is a prominent colour associated to autumn season in places that can experience change in seasons.

Orange that is closer to the amber shade is assigned to the meaning of slowing down to a stop in traffic light usage. This same amber light is often used as a flashing light on top of slow-moving vehicles and road signage with blinking directional arrow.

Seems like there are no impressionable idiom or phrase that uses the colour orange.

The Curator’s impression with the colour orange has always been the fruit orange. So the Curator has always associated orange with vitamin C. Therefore, the Curator have taken that orange is a supplement or a boost to our health. Running along with the fruit orange, it reminds me of the sour taste or a sour with sweetness taste.

Carrots also come in orange colour! The Curator can still remember the soften type of crunchiness and the sweetness of vegetable even after having it stir fried.

The Curator remember there are spices that are in orange colour. Spices may or may not be the main ingredient of your dish but its taste usually is distinguishable.

The Curator can recall two meaning for orange colour in Chinese culture. From cultural perspective, mandarin oranges which is orange in colour are used as an auspicious fruit to be exchanged during the Chinese New Year. From the Cantonese dialect, the pronunciation for mandarin orange rhymes with gold. So the exchange of mandarin oranges symbolises exchanging gold ingots, an action to keep the wealth energy moving. From the metaphysics perspective, the duller shade of the orange colour is associated with the Earth element while the brighter shade of the orange colour is associated with the Fire element.

The colour orange corresponds to the our sacral chakra Svadhishthana. This chakra reflects how we are managing our creativity, feelings and sexual drive.

Carnelia and orange zincite are known to be used to work with the sacral chakra.

How many orange colour items are around you usually?