Memory is a function of our brain that stores data and information and having the ability to retrieve them when they are needed. These data and information are not only the experience that we have had but also the knowledge that we acquire through reading or hearing from other people.

Memory is an important function because the retention of information over time is meant to aid us in functioning properly in our lives. From daily routines to handling ad hoc situations, we recall the information and knowledge needed to manage all of them.

Memory can shaped the impression we have on a matter. It may make us more rigid and unable to see a matter from other angles at first instance. This can cause us to have stereotypical perspective on a matter or person.

Memory can also bring back strong emotions that are attached to it. Perhaps recalling a loved one that had passed away long ago can still evoke tinges of sadness. We have an ‘walking down memory lane’ to mean reminisce over memories of past happy events.

Studies show that memory can be altered.

Every time when we are sharing our memory with other people, the ways and words that we choose to use can interfere how recall that same memory in the future.

Wait. If that memory is altered, it should not be seen as the same memory right…?

From spirituality and healing perspective, unknown causes of chronic symptoms including varied degrees of anxiety can be caused by memory that you have carried from your past lives.

What memories do you have that can immediately change your mood upon recalling?