One is the first whole number that appears after the number zero.

One bears a superiority meaning across all cultures and context. People celebrates if they “come in number one” in a competition. It means they top the race that they had put themselves into.

“One and only” denotes that it is not only unique but also exceptional as well.

“One fine day” looking forward to something to happen at an unspecific time in future. Placing your best hope to happen starting from that “one fine day”.

One in Numerology represents originality, leadership and strong opinions. The colours associated to one are flame, copper, lilac and apricot.

In Astro-Numerology concept, One is represented by the Sun. The Sun is majestic, providing light which in turns gives life, and keeping his subjects to operate in orderly manner.

In the Chinese Yellow River Map 河圖, one represents the water element sitting in the north. In the Chinese Nine Halls Diagram 九宮圖 taken from the Lo Shu Square 洛書, one also sits in the north representing the water element.

One appears as the first position in the sequence of number. First also gives people the impression of being quick and fast.

“First and foremost” means the the most important thing that matters more than anything else.

“First of all” means you have to set everything else aside and gives attention to this very matter first.

In the Chinese system of ordinals, the first Heavenly Stem is known as Jia 甲. The illustration that is usually associated with Jia is a big sturdy tree with a large and dense canopy that can shelter people from the weathers. There are Chinese metaphysics practitioners who taught that the number one to have the attributes of Jia.

In the Chinese Flying Star concept, the first star that is associated to the number one in the Lo Shu Square is Tan Lang Star 貪狼星, some translated as Greedy Wolf Star. Its diverse attributes are usually associated with fame, career prospect and romance.

How many items with the number one on them are around you usually?