Red is one of the seven approximated colours found under spectral colours.

Red is a prominent colour across all cultures.

Somehow or other, we assign the colour red to meanings like danger, boundaries and warning. We can see the colour red often used in such signs and notices.

Is it because red is one of the colours that is visible from far…?

The idiom “red tape” refers to excessive conforming to regulation and rules. So the restrictive definition of red moves beyond from a colour that is visually seen to words that resound in our heads.

“In the red” is accounting means the business has negative earnings!

The Curator thinks that many of us came from n era when our teachers and tutors mark our assignment using red inked pen. Ticks, crosses and circling our papers, sometimes with comments written in red. The colour red here carries a feeling of being judged and regulated. I wonder how many of you ever received a 100 written on your scripts in red! Congratulations on your achievement!

Another mixture of massages from the colour red is in fruits and vegetables. You can have chilly that is hot, tomato that is sour and cherry that is sweet!

There are also many fast cars and top fashions that have their products in red. Red is eye-catching.

The colour red stands for the fire element in both the classical Greek concept (which is generally adopted in western spiritualism) and the classical Chinese metaphysics.

In the Chinese culture, the colour red is taken to present the Yang, hence it is often associated with auspicious matters. Like giving out red colour packets, decorating with red colour paper couplets and literally wearing red colour clothing during celebratory occasions.

Probably the reddest thing we have on us is blood. They run in our bodies and do not see them. Well, usually if we see blood coming out from our body it is a warning sign of something going wrong with our bodies. It is our blood that carries oxygen to organs to keep this bodies functioning.

The colour red corresponds to the our root chakra Muladhara. This chakra reflects how we are managing our physical survival and energy distribution. These two characteristics seems to be in parallel with the danger, boundaries and warning that we have discussed in the beginning.

Garnet and red jasper are known to be used to work with the root chakra.

How many red colour items are around you usually?